Gravure Inks

Solvent Based Lamination
Gravure Lamination Inks

General purpose NC PU based ink system for reverse printing and subsequent lamination. Suitable for food and non-food packaging applications.

TV LAM PLUS High performance ink system designed for excellent bond strength for food packaging applications, can applied on variety of substrates for reverse printing and subsequent lamination.

Medium performance reverse lamination ink for food packaging applications on BOPP and PET for subsequent lamination with different lamination film combinations using Solvent Based, Solvent less and water based adhesives as well.

Medium performance reverse lamination grade ink only for BOPP for subsequent lamination.

Solvent Based Surface
Gravure Surface Inks:

Surface printing ink system for polyethylene. Can be used on other substrates also. Multipurpose system ink also can print at gravure and Flexo high speed as well.

Surface printing ink for Al-Foil, common used in pharmaceuticals packaging applications. Excellent heat resistance.

Surface printing ink for Toffee Paper, glazed paper etc. having excellent gloss and printability.

Tetra LAM
Surface printing ink for Coated and clay coated paper as well, widely used for labels, food and non-food packaging applications.

Surface printing ink for Paralyzed OPP, Labelite as well having excellent freezing and heat resistant. Widely used for labels, ice cream jobs and beverages label as well. Excellent COF and gloss and printability. HPV Surface printing ink specially designed for Shrinkable PVC applications, labels on flexible substrate, having very low COF.

Toluene base surface printing ink suitable for MOPP, MPET, Plain BOPP, Plain PET and twistable as well, having excellent half tone transfer and GLOSS as well.

NTNK (Non Toluene, Non Ketone) surface printing ink, specially designed for Metalized plain PET and twistable as well. Excellent printability, Gloss, Scratch, Rub, COF and antistatic property.