Flexo Inks

Flexo - Solvent Based Lamination
Flexo Lamination Ink

High performance reverse printing system for BOPP and coated PET for food packaging applications, most suitable for food packaging due to presence of green solvents.

Flexo - Solvent Based Surface
Flexo Surface Inks

Surface printing ink for polyethylene substrate, can be used on other substrates. Fat, Oil
and heat resistance ink. Very good color reproduction, gloss, scratch and COF.
Surface printing ink system for laminated woven polypropylene, excellent printability
and heat resistance. Most survival at convertex due to high heat salability. Special designed for
cement sacks.
Surface printing ink formulated for printing onto untreated woven poly propylene heavy
duty stacks. Excellent printability, adhesion, scratch and scuff resistance as well.

Surface printing inks system special design for HDPE and LDPE, can be used on other
substrates also. Having good Gloss and printability this ink system is limited to low heat
resistance applications.