HT Inks And Coatings (Pvt) Ltd

HT Inks And Coatings is acknowledged ink manufacturing company and a leader in the manufacturing and supply of Gravure and Flexographic printing inks and is constantly working to add value to their customers’ businesses with promising long-term relationships resulting in mutual growth. 
HT Inks provide a 24/7 customer support service, covering any and every sort of disruption in production.

Why Choose Us?

Optimal Machinery

Producing inks with optimized lead-time, top-notch quality and lesser costs..

State of the Art Laboratory

Producing finest quality ink with constant testing and experimentation.

Manufacturing Capacity

Increased manufacturing capacity to fulfill the constantly increasing customer demand.

Delivery Service

Rapid on-time delivery ensuring unhindered production.

Solvent Base Resolve

Petlam, Techlam, TVlam, Phoenix, Jikelele, Extrulam, Lazer.

Solvent based Surface

Altech, Papertech, Polytech, Labeltech, Techlam surface, Phoenix Surface.

Water Based Inks

Surface Inks for paper and Boards.

Varnishes and OPV’s

HSL coating, HI-gloss OPV, Matt OPV, Other OPV’s.

Metallic Inks

Silver and Gold for all substrates.

Special Products

Flourescent Inks, UV visible inks, Glow in Dark Inks, Photochromic Inks, Thermochromic Inks, Scratch and Sniff, Interference Inks